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Albania, without candidate status

While there was no positive news for Albania in the conclusions of the EU Foreign Ministers, as expected, the EU enlargement with other countries seems to be the key policy of the EU. A priority in 2013 will be the reinforcing of the rule of law and democratic governing. It also underlines that the enlargement […]

Bushati blames government for candidate status

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission of Integration, Ditmir Bushati, unfolded the opposition’s stance regarding today’s developments in Brussels. Bushati declared that the “no” from Brussels comes due to the lack of reforms in what is considered the pillar of a democratic state. He also commented about the European critics on nationalistic rhetoric, considering it […]

Berisha and Rama react for candidate status

The Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, blamed the opposition leader for Albania’s failure to receive the EU candidate status this year. However, the Prime Minister appealed him once again to pass the three remaining laws that were recommended by Brussels. “I reiterated my appeal to Mr. Rama to vote the three laws, although the damage […]

EP votes resolution for Albania

The European Parliament voted the resolution for Albania, appealing for the status to be given as soon as possible, if the three conditions are fulfilled. A resolution underlines the importance of the independence, the war against crime and corruption and the depolitization of the public administration. The next year’s elections are considered as a maturity […]

Government changes Budget 2012

The government passed a normative act that changes the Budget 2012 by increasing the debt. According to the government, the budget deficit increases with 7.2 billion ALL from the prediction. This intervention was dictated by the failure to collect revenues. According to the official data, in the first ten months of the year the government […]

Arvizu: No border changes

During the 15th Conference of the Security Council in Western Balkan, the US Ambassador to Tirana, Alexander Arvizu, spoke about the nationalist tones of the Albanian politics. After praising Albania’s tradition for good relations with the neighbours in the last 100 years, in a population that today is free in the entire region, Arvizu declared […]